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After the Meeting

Reporting on Public Participation and Gathering Feedback


Capturing Public Thinking: Authentic Reporting on Public Forums

Source: West Virginia Center for Civic Life

This guide lays out how to write a report on a public meeting, including uncovering key themes, presenting qualitative and quantitative information, and ideas for sharing the report. It includes several surveys for information gathering at meetings.


Public Hearing Summary

Source: Texas Department of Transportation

This traditional report for a public hearing includes a public notice, comment forms from participants, a transcription of the meeting, an agenda, and other information.


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Various Reports from Public Agenda

Source: Public Agenda

A list of professional evaluations and reports on public conversations spanning local to nationwide in scope. The reports are notable for their structure, focus on communications and strategic messaging to lawmakers and citizens, and mix of quantitative data and qualitative reporting on conversations.

Evaluating Public Participation

A Managers Guide to Evaluating Citizen Participation

Source: IBM Center for the Business of Government

This guide, aimed particularly at managers of public agencies, was written by Tina Nabatchi, Associate Professor of Public Administration at Syracuse University. It offers a brief accessible overview of citizen participation and then turns to focus on evaluating program implementation and the impact of participation. It includes several good examples and worksheets.

Assessing Public Engagement Effectiveness: Rapid Review Worksheets

Source: Institute for Local Government

This guide is loaded with worksheets and templates to evaluate participant satisfaction, local officials’ view of the engagement, and other important areas of evaluation.


Evaluation Tools

Source: National Coalition for Dialog and Deliberation

An excellent list for those in need of additional evaluation tools and theory.