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During the Meeting

Establishing and Enforcing Ground Rules

Website IconGround Rules for Dialog and Deliberation Processes

Source: National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation

A list of suggested ground rules matched to particular engagement processes to have posted at a public meeting.

Moderating and Facilitating


Public Participation Tasks and Techniques: Public Hearings

Source: California Department of Toxic Substances Control

These guidelines are geared toward public hearings with the goal of collecting comments from participants. They include recommendations for managing an audience and effectively recording comments.


Civic Life Institute Participant Guidebook, 2010

Source: West Virginia Center for Civic Life

This guidebook offers in-depth insights into facilitating group communication at public meetings. It offers templates for preparing to moderate, sample questions to stimulate participation, and covers other general aspects of facilitation. See sections three and four, “The Roles of Moderator and Recorder” and “Preparing to Practice Moderating” (pp. 23-39).

Gauging Collective Preferences for Decision Making



Group Decision Tools

Source: National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation

This series of blog posts offers many practical minded tips to consider when making decisions.


How to Set Up a Dotmocracy Wall

Source: Dotmocracy

Dotmocracy is an innovative technique to gauge collective preferences and is particularly useful among large groups of people.