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Before the Meeting

Why We Engage: What issues should involve citizens?


Principles of Local Government Public Engagement

Source: Institute for Local Government

This two-page paper lists ten principles to help guide public participation. It is written to help managers assess when and if an issue is right for pubic engagement and help guide further development on engaging that issue.


Spectrum of Public Participation

Source: International Association of Public Participation (IAP2)

IAP2’s well-known chart on public participation provides an excellent example of matching up participation goals with specific designs.



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Selecting the Right Level of Public Participation

Source: U. S Environmental Protection Agency

Focuses on identifying goals before planning an engagement process.


Designing Public Participation: What issues should involve citizens?


Engagement Streams Framework

Source: Public Agenda Center for Advances in Public Engagement

For practitioners with well-defined goals, this widely used guidebook can help in the selection of the specific engagement process to support those goals.  It conveniently lists likely outcomes associated with using those specific processes.



Armchair Involvement Report

Source: Involve: The Institute for Innovation and Improvement

This guidance aims to highlight the benefits of investing stakeholders time and energy into new interactive formats; the trade-offs being their potential to stimulate improved communication and to enable provision of tailored health advice and service information on the individuals own terms.



Click To Engage: Using Keypads to Enhance Deliberation

Source: Public Agenda Center for Advances in Public Engagement

This well written piece details how clickers, keypads, or other audience response systems (ASRs) can greatly enhance public meetings.  It offers theoretical insight and practical examples in designing questions and benefits  and drawbacks of particular approaches.


Play videoInput Plan-it Video Series

Source: Iowa Department of Economic Development

This 7-minute video presents guiding principles and some methods, tools and techniques for increasing participation and enhancing the quality of input at public meetings.


Convening Public Participation: Giving notice, recruiting, and choosing locations


Civic Life Institute Participant Guidebook 2010

Source: West Virginia Center for Civic Life

This guidebook includes brainstorming constituencies and stakeholders and developing a communications plan for your event.  See pp. 61-66 for recruiting and convening; pp. 68-71 for basic considerations on recruiting participants to public meetings.




State Agency Public Meeting Notice Template

Source: Texas Department of Transportation

Example of an open meeting notice standard format.


School District Public Meeting Notice Template

Source: Clinton School District, Missouri

Example of a public meeting notice template.


Creating Agendas: How should I run the meeting?


Website IconHow Do We Plan for Effective Meetings?

Source: University of Minnesota

This tip sheet reviews an important way to plan public meetings toward the goal of solving public problems and achieving the group’s goals.